Thursday, 11 November 2010

Merseyside bicycles, for owners, fans and enthusiasts of bikes made on merseyside

Chris Boardman and his Cougar 1991

Welcome to "Merseyside Bicycles Blog" :- a place to celebrate bicycles made on Merseyside, past, present, and hopefully future.
I invite you, to help build a one stop blog, for all the Liverpool and Merseyside bike makers of the past and present- from the Quinn's and the Soens's right up to Cougar and Corrado.
So we'd love to see your pictures, old adverts, to hear the history and old stories about the bikes and racers of Merseyside.
Please send any contributions, to us at

1960's Jim Soens

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  1. I found this site by accident,but remember the Pierhead in the 60's and there was dozens of Quinns,Soens,Mciver,etc.,bikes,and the Mercury and Kirkby racing boys doing "bit and bit" to Queensferry,and on to Ruthin or Denbigh.
    I was there on my Coventry Eagle,or Carlton bike but I never tried to keep up with these tough roadmen!
    I use to pootle arounnd the Wirral,or out to Beeston,or Llangollen,but they were great days!
    I still ride my bike,but I wonder where they all are now?
    I myself had some sad news a few years ago that my old cycling companion,and a lovely man,Tony Carter,who I had lost touch with, late of Kirkdale,Liverpool,and a great friend of Harry Quinn,whose shop was quite near to Tony's,sadly died of cancer,at age 75.
    He didn't seem to have any close family,and I can't find out where he's buried,so I can pay my respects.
    If any of you older Merseyside cyclists can help me,or has any info about Tony,I'd love to hear it.