Saturday, 20 November 2010

Geoff Hughes & GPH

Geoff Hughes in action
Friend of the blog, Paul Gittins has come up trump's again with a photo and some more information about Geoff Hughes and GPH Bicycles.

 Paul adds the following information, quote-

"I can confirm that Chris Boardman did ride a GPH as a lad. There was a photo in Cycling once with him riding it.  It may have been in a junior championship.  I remember that he had flat bar type brake levers reversed at the end of the drops.
Geoff Hughes - as far as I know - is still alive and well and living on the Wirral.  His frames were bought in. Who built them I've no idea - but I know a man who might!
There's a photo attached of Geoff in full flight in the Potteries CC 25 on 18 July 1965 on the Woore-Nantwich road.   He's riding a Clifton who were a shop in Birkenhead near to the Mersey Tunnel entrance.  I remember his bike being dark green with chrome and it was always immaculate."

Just as a little footnote to Paul's info-  Clifton Bicycles were run by the "Hewitt" brothers.

So if you have any further information on GPH or Clifton Cycles, please let us know at the blog.
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