Monday, 15 November 2010

1986 Whitcomb

A big thankyou to Ken Foster of Sussex, for the two photo's of his old Bill Whitcomb bike. Ken Purchased the bike from the orignal owner who had used it for time trialing in the 1980's.
Ken wrote: It was a lovely bike, full Shimano 600 groupset. A great bike to ride, but I had other projects to complete so I sold the bike in 2009 on e-bay. The guy who brought the bike from me collected it the day before setting of for Italy and the 2009 'L' Eroica. Upon his return he left the feedback:-
 "L' Eroica rocked, bike great"

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  1. Most interesting all the interest in Billy Whitcomb. As I cycled down our road earlier
    this summer there was an old Billy Whitcomb 531
    racer with flat tires and non-aligned bars on
    the driveway of a neighbour. On querying, it had
    been left for scrap metal collection. The lady
    owner was apparently romantically involved with Bill in the early 80's and was delighted that I
    had shown an interest and was promptly given it
    free of charge! Photo availalable if interested. Bob