Friday, 27 July 2012

Liverpool Mercury Cycling Jersey

A big thanks to Mark of Liverpool for sending in a picture of a early 70's Liverpool Mercury cycling club jersey, who at the time were sponsored by Harry Quinn,

We'd love to see any Merseyside cycling related memorabilia.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

More Time Trial action

A big thanks to Paul Gittens for sending in a couple of nice TT pictures, Paul adds the following information.

"As you asked for racing photos I've attached a couple of me on proper Merseyside bikes, both taken by Bob Prince.  Perhaps Bill Soens might recognise the Eddie Soens, it was built for a lad from Wrexham called Arthur Humphries in around '62 who was introduced to Eddie's shop by the local Wrexham 'fast lad' of the day, Paddy Lloyd.  Eddie had taken Paddy 'under his wing' as he had done a couple of fastish rides on the local D1 course but he never really lived up to it and retired not long after.  Paddy had an Orange Eddie Soens time trial '55 Special', I wonder what happened to it?

The bike in the above photo is a Harry Quinn (what else!) bought in '64.  I rode it until '69 using it in TT's and RR's when in '69 I got a Bob Jackson for some godforsaken reason (must have been swayed by the advertising) which never had the 'feel' of the HQ. Did all (or most) of my best rides on the HQ including first time 'inside' and 4 wins in TT's and a crit at Alton Towers.  The photo I sent was taken on the finishing circuit of the West Cheshire TTCA 12hr in '65 when I was 18 and did 236 miles."

I must say Paul looks fresh and well in the above photo, after 236 miles, must be something to do with being 18.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Early 50's Fothergill Catalogue

Yet again a great big thank you to Mike Duffy, for searching out another catalogue.

As Mike explains, it's a bit difficult to fully date this catalogue.

   "I enclose my latest offering which is not dated, although I have compared prices in the 1952 and 1953 editions.

 Le Grimpeur JF/18  £17 17  6                 1953
 Le Grimpeur JF/18  £17 17  6                 1952
 Le Grimpeur JF/18  £16  5  0                   unknown year

 Le Routier    JF/15  £13  5  0                   1953
 Le Routier    JF/15  £13  5  0                   1952
 Le Routier    JF/15  £13  5  0                    unknown year

 Le Classique ladies JF/11  £11 11  0       1953
 Le Classique ladies JF/11  £11 19  6       1952
 Le Classique ladies JF/11  £11 00  0        unknown year

 Le Routier Massed Start  JF/16 £13 17 0  1953
 Le Routier Massed Start  JF/16 £13 17 0  1952
 Le Routier Massed Start  JF/16 £13 17 0   unknown year

  There are also models in this catalogue which are not listed in 1952 or 1953.
  North Wales lugged model JF/13
  Ekla lug model   JF/14
and three tandems, JF/19,20,21.

 Most of the prices listed under 'alternatives' are the same as in 1952 catalogue, but chrome plating is not listed whereas it is available in the unknown year edition.
  As you can see it is difficult to put an accurate date on it."

Thanks again to Mike for the catalogue.
A fellow blog reader has found out a old photo of Mike, racing at the Newcastle under Lyme track on a chrome James Fothergill track bike.
Hope you like the photo Mike.

Monday, 23 July 2012

A Brace of Quinns

A big thank you to Mark from Liverpool for sending us some pictures of his two lovely Harry Quinn's.
Mark adds the following information.

"Well here are some photos (the background isnt to good, with the bike leaning against the young fella's tramploline).

I was after a Harry Quinn for a while but in my experince there seemed to be more of the "Badged" bikes out there than the real ones, anyway I had a Colnago and a Terry Dolan so I was happy enough, if a Quinn came my way fine but my quest went hot and cold depending on what the Mrs, the Kids, the dog, or my old Norton motorbike needed. Then I heard there was a fella not far from me who was after selling his Harry Quinn, so I went over to have a look. my plan was to see if the frameset was ok and to do it up with modern components so I could go for a burn up at the weekend. When I seen the bike my eyes where on stalks, it was imacculate, it didnt look like it had been ridden, everything was sparkling the red paint, the chrome and Campag Nuovo Record throughout - Sold with no haggling.

The problem was, I just sat there staring at it, I wouldnt take it out, and I'd get rather cross if a spec of dirt landed on it, if I had my way it would be on the wall over the fireplace, but if I tried that, I'd get a belt in the gob from .... Herself

Fast forward a few years and another Quinn crossed my path, this one was used (but not worn out) and it had a selection of various components, it would be ideal to modernise, so I purchased it from a first class young fella from the Fylde, and the outcome is my Black Quinn which I ride all the time, I love it. (just managed to squeeze a 28-11 casette in the rear dropouts)

The frame number on the red Harry Quinn looks like Q2836, and the black Harry Quinn is Q1893 and thats all I know about them really, apart from the fact they are great fun. My Colnago may have been made on some misty mountain top in the Alps by 12 beautiful Italian women (supervised by Mr Ernesto Colnago himself) but as a Scouser I would rather have a Harry Quinn, made just a good (wind assisted) goal kick from Goodison Park, Home of the Blues."

So thanks to Mark for showing us his lovely Harry Quinns.

The Yellow Jersey

Congratulations to Bradley Wiggins and Team Sky, and thank you for making us very proud.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

1946 Jim Soens Frameset

VCC member Jon Foster from Lincolnshire, has sent us in some photo's of his 1946 lugless Jim Soens frame. Jon was fully intending to carry out a full restoration on the frame, he had already purchased the frame decals. But due to a change of circumstances, Jon's afraid he is going to have to sell the frame.

So if any off our readers in interested in owning a nice early Jim Soens frameset, i can pass on your contact details to Jon.