Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Jim Soens restoration

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The team at  Merseyside Bicycles have purchased what appears to be a stunning 1940/50's lugless frame, built by Jim Soens. We have talked about the frame with a couple of experts on Soens frames. One was very happy that it sounded like a Jim Soens frame, stating that Jim was an excellent builder and that he made all types of frames in the cellar at Lower Breck Road:- touring, race, lugless, lugged, tandems etc. Another reliable source wasn't too sure and thought it may have been built by someone else. So the frame will be returning to Liverpool in January, to get fully authenticated.
The plans for the frame at present are:-  to have some transfers reproduced, (they are not held by any transfer makers at present). The frame will then be blasted and refinished in Liverpool by C&G Finishes. The paintwork on most of Merseyside's bicycles over the decades has been done by the team at C&G. The hunt will then begin for all the period correct equipment.
We'll be making regular updates on the site throughout the coming months..

If you have any information on Jim Soens frames, please contact us at merseysidebicycles@gmail.com

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