Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Fothergill Restoration

A big thank you to Peter Legg for sending in some superb detailed photo's of his James Fothergill restoration, Peter sent us the following information.

" I was looking for information on a sorry looking frame I purchased on ebay, it had lovely lugs which I fell in love with and it made me pay way too much for a bike in such a bad condition (and a little on the large size for me). Anyway I've finally stripped it down and I'm restoring it in time for the Tweed Run in London. I thought I'd do a bit of research on it. I love the old 50s catalogue and saw that the frame is a 'Grimpeur' I've sent you pictures of it all stripped down (just in time the rust was starting to move into heavy pitting on the lower parts of the bike). You might like the pictures of the bare frame I think it looks beautiful. You might be a little shocked with the random components now on the bike (hub gears and old lauterwasser handlebars).

It has 83 stamped underneath, is this the year it was made? seems quite late on, the frame has grease nipples and simplex rear drops, it has the facility for centre pull brakes, braze ons for front and rear gears, if that helps date it.

It's starting to look great I wish I had the forks and stays re-chromed (they are a chipped and pitted in places) but it wasn't in the budget."

I certainly think it'll be the finest looking bike on the Tweed Run.

We'd love to see your restoration photo's, you can contact us at

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