Saturday, 12 May 2012

Fothergill Restoration Follow - Up

Thanks again to Peter Legg, for suppling a photo of his finished James Fothergill restoration.

All finished and ready for the Tweed run.

Also thanks again to Bill Soens, who on seeing Peter's restoration added the following information.

"The chap who writes about his Fothergill frame asks about the number and possible date.   The number 83 will have nothing to do with the date.  May be a part number for the lugs or something.

The frame looks to be about mid 1960's - 1970 at latest.   Very few builders were using Simples drop-outs.  Campag were virtually dominent by this time.

Most builders by this time were using "italian" type lugs - smooth and not too ornate.    This frame has the appearance of a Johnny Berry in style but Jim Fothergill - who I knew very well indeed - did build some of this nature."

Bill Soens.

Click the following link, for photo's from the Tweed run.

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