Monday, 28 May 2012

Concept 90 In Sweden

A big thank you to Joakim, from Sweden for sending in some photo's of his Dave Lloyd concept 90, Joakim adds the following information. 

Im attaching a couple of pics of my Dave Lloyd concept 90, which I bought a couple of years ago. The bike had at that moment been stored in a barn on the plains of south Sweden for fifteen years or so. However, under a thin layer of dust, the frame proved to be in very good condition, no rust and just some minor paint chips at the usual places.

Im pretty sure the bike dates to 1992, based on the Shimano component's dating. It came with a full dura ace 7400 group, except for the brakes (600 tricolor), Mavic open pro SUP rims, Mavic headset, c-record seatpost and a San Marco regal saddle.
It is apparently built with Columbus SLX tubing, which I have not seen on other Concept 90's.
I would be very interested in knowing more about the brand or the bike as I haven't found much searching the web. I would also be interested in knowing if you could estimate some sort of value for it, even though I will likely not part with it.

Oh well, all in all its the most beatiful bike i've ever had, too bad that it is slightly too small for me.

Malmoe, Sweden

Please contact us with any photo's or stories you may have.

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