Thursday, 3 May 2012

Bill Whitcomb Track Bike

A big thank you to Magnus for sending in pictures of his splendid looking track bike. As you can see from Magnus's e-mail, he was struggling to indentfy the maker, but we have been able to confirm that it was built by Bill Whitcomb in 1985.

"A while ago I purchased an old and very special and nice custom-made pursuit track frame which is probably from the mid 1980's (my guess).
The seller first told me that it is an early Ribble custom build, possibly made by Terry Dolan or Graham Weigh who both seem to have worked at Ribble at the time, but he was not sure at all.
I then contacted Graham Weigh, who said the frame looks like it has been made by Mike Kowal - then Mike Kowal again replied to me that it looks like either a Billy Whitcomb for Harry Quinn, or a Bob Jackson.
So I am writing to you as I would love to find out more detailed info about who actually really built the frame as it's so unique and must have an interesting history.
More info about the frame: the size is 62cm c-t-c seattube, fully chromed, bi-laminate seatpost lug, heart-shaped cutouts in the lugs, Columbus SLX decals (looks old and worn, but I don't know if it's original), Gipiemme dropouts and fork ends.
The previous owner was a track rider in Manchester.
I would be really very happy if you could help me and tell me a bit more about this frame if that's possible.
All the best,

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