Sunday, 8 April 2012

RJ Wilson - More Information

A big thank you to Bill Soens, for providing further information on RJ Wilson, below.

" It was always debatable whether R.J. (Bob) Wilson or my grandfather James Soens Snr was the first to open a "racing" bike shop in Liverpool.  Not that it matters but I understand that both were open before 1900.

The elderly gentleman (and he was) was the son named Norman who ran his small shop in West Derby Road for many years and he did in fact build his own frames.  Don't know when he closed down but I imagine it would be in the 60's or very early 70's." 

Cheers.   Bill Soens

So if you can provide further information on Wilson's, or any other Merseyside builders please don't hesitate to get in touch at the normal address,


  1. I have an original RJ Wilson bike. in its original condition , just added new tyres & serviced it, it rides great . Frame number is 554. Very similar to your picture in dark green. It has the RJ Wilson Gold lettering on the frame

  2. I am Robert John Wilson's great-grandson. Norman, who ran the shop and built frames after Robert retired, was my great uncle. The Wilson family were active members of the East Liverpool Wheelers. I'm going to try and find out more, and get hold of a Wilson frame if possible, I'll update with anything else I discover.

  3. Hi Andrew.

    Please do get in touch, I have some questions (hopefully you can answer)