Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Long way from home

A big thanks to Roy, out in Slovenia. For sending photo's and information on his new project.

I'm writing to you regards an old Jim Soens frame that I acquired on a recent trip to the UK.
I've attached 5 pics but will send a few more in a separate email. Please accept my apologies for the low quality of the images.
I'm originally from Liverpool but have lived in Slovenia since 2002 (never lost my accent, always a scouser) so have  had a long interest in bikes from Liverpool builders, having owned a Harry Quinn, a Dave Quinn and a lovely Corrado which I've just sold.

Anyway, I bought this frame from a chap near Bilston and have just unpacked it today.
It appears to be an original Jim Soens going by the information I can find on the web. The paint may even be original and the remnants of the Jim Soens decals can be seen on the downtube. It has a small 'Soens Bros' decal with 'Liverpool' below with a Union Jack and Olympic style rings.
The head tube decal (J Bodman, Woodgreen) may have been a bike shop?
It has the nice fluted, almost wrap around, top of seat stays that I believe was a bit of a Jim Soens trademark, and the bottom bracket and lugs are Nervex.
It has a serial No. on the bottom bracket as well as other numbers which at first I thought were the frameset angles. The rear OLD is 116mm and I'm sure it would have had 27" wheels.
It's no lightweight and going by it's relaxed frame angles, I'd say it was a touring frame.
The splined bottom bracket has intrigued me as it doesn't look like any of the modern ones that I know of, so I'll have to investigate some more.

Incidentally, I came across your excellent website as I was trying to find out some info about the frame. I've bought wheels & a frame in the past from Pete Matthews so I was pleased to see the Jim Soens connection re. the same shop premises in Lower Breck road.

Hoefully Roy will keep us informed of his progress.

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