Wednesday, 25 July 2012

More Time Trial action

A big thanks to Paul Gittens for sending in a couple of nice TT pictures, Paul adds the following information.

"As you asked for racing photos I've attached a couple of me on proper Merseyside bikes, both taken by Bob Prince.  Perhaps Bill Soens might recognise the Eddie Soens, it was built for a lad from Wrexham called Arthur Humphries in around '62 who was introduced to Eddie's shop by the local Wrexham 'fast lad' of the day, Paddy Lloyd.  Eddie had taken Paddy 'under his wing' as he had done a couple of fastish rides on the local D1 course but he never really lived up to it and retired not long after.  Paddy had an Orange Eddie Soens time trial '55 Special', I wonder what happened to it?

The bike in the above photo is a Harry Quinn (what else!) bought in '64.  I rode it until '69 using it in TT's and RR's when in '69 I got a Bob Jackson for some godforsaken reason (must have been swayed by the advertising) which never had the 'feel' of the HQ. Did all (or most) of my best rides on the HQ including first time 'inside' and 4 wins in TT's and a crit at Alton Towers.  The photo I sent was taken on the finishing circuit of the West Cheshire TTCA 12hr in '65 when I was 18 and did 236 miles."

I must say Paul looks fresh and well in the above photo, after 236 miles, must be something to do with being 18.

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