Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Early 50's Fothergill Catalogue

Yet again a great big thank you to Mike Duffy, for searching out another catalogue.

As Mike explains, it's a bit difficult to fully date this catalogue.

   "I enclose my latest offering which is not dated, although I have compared prices in the 1952 and 1953 editions.

 Le Grimpeur JF/18  £17 17  6                 1953
 Le Grimpeur JF/18  £17 17  6                 1952
 Le Grimpeur JF/18  £16  5  0                   unknown year

 Le Routier    JF/15  £13  5  0                   1953
 Le Routier    JF/15  £13  5  0                   1952
 Le Routier    JF/15  £13  5  0                    unknown year

 Le Classique ladies JF/11  £11 11  0       1953
 Le Classique ladies JF/11  £11 19  6       1952
 Le Classique ladies JF/11  £11 00  0        unknown year

 Le Routier Massed Start  JF/16 £13 17 0  1953
 Le Routier Massed Start  JF/16 £13 17 0  1952
 Le Routier Massed Start  JF/16 £13 17 0   unknown year

  There are also models in this catalogue which are not listed in 1952 or 1953.
  North Wales lugged model JF/13
  Ekla lug model   JF/14
and three tandems, JF/19,20,21.

 Most of the prices listed under 'alternatives' are the same as in 1952 catalogue, but chrome plating is not listed whereas it is available in the unknown year edition.
  As you can see it is difficult to put an accurate date on it."

Thanks again to Mike for the catalogue.
A fellow blog reader has found out a old photo of Mike, racing at the Newcastle under Lyme track on a chrome James Fothergill track bike.
Hope you like the photo Mike.

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  1. One of my friends had a Fothergill,with fancy lugs,etc.,and it was a bike I could only dream about,(we'd just left school).
    His parents were better off than mine!
    Sadly,it was stolen shortly after from outside his house(no,it wasn't me!.
    We all used to ride on a Sunday to Rhyl,and play football on the beach,there were no computers in those days!