Sunday, 24 June 2012

Aussie Hurlen

A big thank you to Jo and Dave, for sending in some lovely photo's of their Aussie Hurlen frame restoration. The frame was believed to have been built by Aussie in 1953, originally a track frame it was converted to a road specification in the 1970's.
Thanks to Bill Soens who worked with Aussie, who added the following information. 
"Nice to see an old frame like this. I worked for Aussie Hurlen from 1953 to 1955 and there is no reason to assume that this is not one of his frames - or indeed one that I might have worked on but certainly didn't do the brazing. The lugs are Nervex - the most common then and of the best quality.  The bottom bracket threads etc were always precisely square ond totally reliable.
Aussie Hurlen used to braze using foot-pumped household gas and air and the frames never got too hot and the bronze flowed much slower.  This would tend to give a softer edge to the lug profiles, whilst using oxy-acetylene could produce an almost clinical edge."

Jo and Dave would like to know if anyone can rememeber the type of font used or maybe has a old photo with the Aussie Hurlen lettering on the frame, it was possible that they were all hand signwritten by C&G.

If anyone can help with a Aussie Hurlen frame image, please contact the blog at

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