Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Gold Harry Quinn

Click on image for larger version

Friend of the blog, Paul Gittins has sent in an advert of a gold coloured Harry Quinn.

Paul adds the following information:-

"The Harry Quinn advert was in the March 1978 International Cycle Sport and shows a lovely Gold machine.  However, I have a couple of queries arising from this -

What was an I.V.I.S. metalised Old Gold finish?
Who was Rene Chalaye who supplied the bars and stem?"

If anyone can help either Paul or myself with the above, or if anyone is lucky enough to own one of these splendid looking machine's, please contact us at merseysidebicycles@gmail.com


  1. are you sure it was gold finish and not copper/nickle which Harry was famaous for , remember Phil Allison had his done this way,, and a few years later the Navidar pro team had their Williers the same... secret is to have the laquer applied as soon as you can after the plating

  2. Have you seen this gold Harry Quinn.