Saturday, 2 April 2016

Single speed GPH

Colin of Ellesmere Port, sends the following info.

I wonder if you can help me? Last year I bought a GPH restored Clifton Bikes frame on eBay. Had it built up as a single speed and I’ve ridden it through the Winter. The freewheel is already showing signs of serious wear! So I’m planning on a new rear wheel at some point but I’m now thinking of having the frame resprayed/re-chromed too. Read your blog about Geoff Hughes and it was mentioned that he still has some original decals? I do go to the Eureka now and again but was wandering if you’re able to contact him and ask him if these decals are indeed still available for sale? The picture shows the bike when it had just been rebuilt, original paint job. There’s probably an argument to leave as is and on the whole, apart from the wheel set, that’s what I intend to do. However I’d like some bottle bosses adding and the cable guides/down tube shifter mounts removing, hence the respray and the question about the decals. There’s a name on the frame as well, it belonged to K.S.N. Orum of the Anfield BC, it’s a Reynolds 531 frame set and rides beautifully.

Anyone know KSN Orum, let us know at

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