Thursday, 29 March 2012

Deeside Olympic Road Race 1964

A big thank you to Roger Milroy for sending in the action photo above, Roger adds the following information.
"I just came accross your web page a couple of days ago - here´s a photo of me - off the back! - in an early season Deeside Olympic Road Race in 1964. The photo was taken by Billy Soens and you can see Ken Matthews of Kirby CC ( who had a weekly column in the Liverpool Echo ) in the background. The bike is an Eddie Soens I bought from Pete Cubbon, formerly of Merseyside Wheelers and a founder member of Liverpool Premier Road Club, to use while Billy was building a new frame for me; it´s easy to date the vintage as large-flange hubs had not yet gone out of style and the TA chainrings are bolted to cranks with cotter pins!"
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